has anyone ever written anything for you?

my name is Janice and i write things
I’m always trying to convey something that can’t be conveyed [..] to explain something which is inexplicable, to tell about something I have in my bones, something which can be experienced only in these bones.

—Franz Kafka (via theprobable)

(via poemsofthequiet)


she lied herself down
in a bank of snow
sans any winter garb
the cold crept into
her bones.

Frost greeted her
with a kiss—
snowflakes dancing
upon her lips—
and he swept her away.

hand in hand they rose
through the cirrus in the sky
and they bid adieu
to the home she knew
if only for a time.

(via s-emi-colon)

why can’t you see me?
why can’t you reach me?
why can’t you hear me?

you were everything i hate
and everything i love
but darling, for you, i was
never enough

i feel like i’m only beginning
i feel like i’ve just met you
or i never have

it doesn’t matter
the web of time runs
through your fingers

and uses your honesty
to break your love
into crumbled dust

feels like you’re begging for
something you always ignored
and now that you’ve got it
well, you can’t be bothered

why don’t you shut the door?
why don’t you walk out?
why don’t you bang the walls?
now that you know i’m on the other side

i let you in tonight
for the final time
there is nothing to decide